Never Wanna See Her Face Again

Some years ago, while out at a large local night club, an inebriated, shaved-headed guy, with a teardrop tattooed on his face belched to me, “Hey, you in a band? I just found a bass player and I need someone to play guitar.” Okay, I thought. Here’s my big break.

I go so excited, I wrote this song, Never Wanna See Her Face Again, based loosely (okay maybe not so loosely) on a girl I had recently been dating.

Well — the first time I got together with this singer-guy, It became obvious he couldn’t sing — at all. Nor could I, but I figured if anyone was going to butcher one of my songs, it may as well be me. So that’s how Skeeter started.

It’s available in The Vault — accessible for the first time in years. You can marvel at the terribly-dated production, the song however, seems to have aged pretty gracefully. phew.

On this recording:

  • Jason Petrisko — guitars, vox
  • Rob Hubbard — drums
  • Scott Craig — bass

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