“Classic power pop here, folks! Muscular power-pop with classic melodies that`ll have you humming in your sleep. Think The Odds(a lot!!), The Caufields, the poppy side of Sugar, The Churchills and Dillon Fence. Skeeter blend a sharp guitar sound with dreamy melodic vocals against an powerful “wall of sound” production. ! There`s layers of sweet, brash and crunchy guitars, slippery riffs and heavy smatterings of hot, arousing hooks. Basically, sugar coated power pop slammed into a wall of guitar. Skeeter dish out 11 songs that perfectly showcase a strong confidence in the material, excellent songwriting skills, fluid musicianship and a record that holds up to each listen, even for the jaded pop fan.” —

“East Coast kool kids Skeeter could plug that overlong gap left by Husker Du and early 80’s era Elvis Costello / Joe Jackson … combining meaty chords with succulent hooks that weave a curious yet intoxicating fabric of soft MOR pop rock that nibbles away under the skin to bask you beneath glowing skies and the tender chill of introspective solitude.” — Losing Today, UK

Translated (poorly) from french:
“…Just like its elders, the trio has this faculty to embroider pop-songs imparables and all in subtlety, and to transpose them in a framework plus rock’n’roll, made quite heavy guitars … Throughout this Possibly The Only, it thus juggles easily between ballades gentillettes (“Things are not the way they used to be”, “One upon this lawn”) and pieces rythms (“Done is done”, “Voodoo doll”) with always the concern of perfect balance between large guitars and limpid melodies. One believes per moments to hear the voice of Bob Mould, in particular on this “Dive” at the forts relents of “Cooper blue” of Sugar, but also the melodies of Jawbreaker (“Crash it good”) or the harmonies of guitar of Posies as on sumptuous “Can’t live like that”. …it should easily allure the fans current groups such The Special goodness or Burning airlines even if if at the present time few groups evolve/move on the same crenel as the trio. When Skeeter says “Possibly the only” perhaps it does not have all-with fact twists. Beb *** 1/2″ — Tous en Tong, France

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